Majdanek Meditations

 11-14 September  2006

Majdanek The Temple of Peace



On Behalf of the Polish Peacemaker Community and The State Museum of Majdanek we are honored to invite you to attend Majdanek Meditations 2006.


During World War II there were people who built places like Auschwitz, or Majdanek, to eliminate other people - this horrific tragedy is a painful lesson for all of us.


It was our dream for years to organize such an event in Lublin. We are finally able to make it come true. This will be our first retreat, hopefully the first of many more to come.


Our main aim is to transform our intellectual knowledge about Holocaust and Genocide into personal experience, to bear witness to the place, to what happened here once and to what is happening to us NOW.  We will do it together with a group of people from different cultures and religions and we will  be assisted in this difficult process by experienced spiritual and religious leaders, from the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Islamic traditions.


We will spend most of the time at the Majdanek Concentration Camp, and one day in Bełżec Death Camp, offering our prayers, reading names from The Book of Dead, practicing meditation and silent reflection.


Our aim is to establish a spiritual Temple of Peace.  

Please, join us and help!


Andrzej B Krajewski

Polish Zen Peacemaker Community


Jacek Miśnakiewicz     -      coordination


Urszula Chlopicka       -     registration, information



Polish Buddhist Union

Jewish Community of Lublin

Association/ of Former Prisoners/ for Preservation of Majdanek

Academic Center in Lublin


SWIFT Konto Euro:

BIG BPL PW XXX  07 1160 2202 0000 0000 4284 2765


/we hope that the total costs of the Meditations will be not exceeding 30 Euro a day, incl. hotel, food and local transportations./



Lublin 02.06.2006